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Paul Bradford CFP®

I am a Certified Financial Planner® with more than 20 years of solid and diversified experiences in financial planning, with 7 years in the local big four banks and 3 years abroad as a senior planner advising expatriates.

With the strong belief that sound financial advice maximises and protects financial positions and lifestyles in different stages of life, I decided to be my own boss and start-up my own boutique financial planning practice in 2006. I called it Mentor Financial Service Group as I like the idea of mentoring and educating my clients along their financial journeys while providing personalised advice and valued service to my clients.

As a result, in good stead, my practice has grown over the years through word of mouth as I build trust and strong long term relationships with my clients and many of their extended family members over the years, guiding them along their journey to achieve their financial objectives, lifestyle aspirations and long term financial success.

Mentor Financial Services Group’s Charter

  1. Provide solid quality advice to clients to achieve their financial goals through the use of strategies that suit their circumstances and needs in different stages of life.
  2. Educate clients about the possibilities and become more financially conversant.
  3. Build strong long term relationships in providing personal and ‘safe hands’ service.
  4. Manage and monitor financial goals is on track through different stages of life.

Personally, I am motivated and delighted to see my clients financially organised, in control of financial matters, making financial decisions with confidence. Most importantly, at the end of the day, them having peace of mind as they get on with enjoying the things that matter most to them in life.

Thanks for stopping by my website. You have visited my website for a reason and I look forward to having a non-obligatory chat how I can be of help to you.


Paul Bradford
CFP® BBus Dip FP
Principal Financial Adviser
Mentor Financial Services Group